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HIM tricopigmentation treatment

After tricopigmentation treatment, you will get absolutely natural shaved hair effect at the areas with hair loss.

Hair imitation micropigmentation. Now in Latvia.

Scalp Pigmentation helped many men all over the world to have a modern, well-groomed, youthful appearance, regardless of age and degree of hair loss in different parts of the head and face.

HIM ideal solution

Tricopigmentation - is an optimal, non surgical, any etiology hair loss solution. We will help you to forget about your problem!

Beauty Medical technology

For treatment realization we use italian Beauty Medical company's leading technology, which gives optimal and complete solution of hair loss problem.

Professional micropigmentation center

Scalp pigmentation treatment is offered by Professional Micropigmentation Center. We have more then 12 years of experience in micropigmentation. More info at WWW.PMC.LV

HIM offers optimal, available, non-surgical, any etiology's hair loss problem solution.