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Before and After procedural care

A week before the hair replication:
  • stop sunbathing (including solarium appointments), use SPF creams or headwear
  • follow specialist's recommendation for head skin preparation before treatment

Two days before treatment:
  • cut your hairs as short as specialist have recommended (for this service please address to our salon-partners, where work initiated hairdressers. HERE you can find contacts)

24 hours before the procedure is not recommended to take:
  • stimulators: coffee, strong tea, other beverages likely to contain caffeine, as well as drugs with stimulating effect
  • alcohol, acetylsalicylic acid, aspirin, etc. 

In order for the process of healing to pass normally, during the next 7 days after the procedure one should avoid:
  • solarium appointments (sunbathing)
  • sauna attendances, bathhouses, swimming pools, water reservoirs (basically avoid any long-term contact with water)
  • sweating (sporting)
  • mechanical influence on the zone (rubbing, scrubbing, trying to peel of the crust by oneself, extreme washing)
  • exploitation of non-prescribed, and non-recommended by a specialist, ointments and creams
During the healing process (7 days after second session) it is necessary to:
  • once a day wash head with special shampoo, which specialist gave you after the treatment
  • apply the special healing serum - recommended by a specialist who performed the procedure - once a day after washing