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Consultation – is one of the most important stages of tricopigmentation procedure. If you have a number of questions, feel hesitant of disturbed, you should definitely attend a consultation with one of our specialists. This is absolutely free and does not obligate you to perform the procedure. On the contrary, it will help you to make an independent, balanced and deliberate decision, to understand if this procedure is suitable for you, and whether it meets your hopes and expectations.
Our specialists will gladly answer all your questions, will show the photos of performed works and introduce you to the conditions of procedure conduction. In a relaxed and calm environment, one-on-one with a specialist, you will be able to talk about the desirable result, to discuss the new hairline growth pattern, to know about the stages of the procedure performance and aftercare, to determine the final cost of the procedure and many more.

Specialist will also advise you to perform a pigment allergy test. This also can be done during the consultation (a small fee of 20 € is applicable for the allergy test, and is later included in the cost of the procedure). The possibility of an allergic reaction is very small (especially, if you already have tattoos), but only the conduction of the test will confirm pigment allergy absence.

During the consultation you will be able:
  • To see how the hair clinic and cabinet, where the procedure will be performed, look like from the inside
  • To see specialist’s certificates
  • To discuss and observe the photos of performed procedures before and after
  • To see the pencil sketch of your possible hairline growth pattern
  • To discuss the preparation process before the procedure (haircut, scalp skin care) and the process of the aftercare
  • To determine the final cost of the procedure
  • To get acquainted with the client and clinic consent form, in case of procedure performance
  • To sign up for the procedure or make a decision later