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Contrindications and risks

Even though micro scalp pigmentation is referred to those procedures of decorative effect, during its conduction the upper layer (protective layer) of the skin is being disturbed and damaged. Thus, it is important to comprehend and acknowledge all possible risks and contraindications. The latter can be divided into three categories:
  1. Absolute contraindications:
Allergic reaction to a selected dye, structural modifications of the skin layer in the given plot (new formations, keloid scars, warts, melanomas, psoriasis, chloasma, nevus, skin cancer). 
  1. Temporary contraindications:
Immunity instability, area surgeries performed less than six months ago, local infections, unregulated scars, other skin damages in the zone of alleged micropigmentation (local dermatitis, bruises, solar or any other burns, etc.)
  1. You need a doctor’s permission for the procedure if you have:
Diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, epilepsy, cancer, blood clotting diseases, other pathological diseases.
Attention!   According to the European regulation, the specialist performing the procedure is obliged to inform the customer about possible risks that may appear:
  • Allergic reactions, skin reactions (inflammations, edemas, redness, itching in the process of healing) 
  • Keloid scars formation (if the pathological tendency exists) 
If the specialist violates the rules of hygienic safety, following risks may appear:
  • Local infections
  • General infections – hepatitis (B,C), HIV