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Preparation before treatment

preparation before tricopigmentation
It is necessary to cut your hair to a certain minimal length few days before the procedure. This can be done by our recommended specialists-hairdressers, which have attended introduction seminars at our clinic and know everything about the hair pigmentation procedure. You can see the list of recommended salons HERE.

Likewise, during the consultation specialist will explore the state of your scalp and determine whether it is possible to perform the procedure right away, or it is necessary to adopt several preparation measures. Deviation from the normal state is considered to be:
  • Excessive dryness of the skin
  • Dandruff
  • Excessive skin oiliness
  • Irritation
Special therapeutic peeling, shampoo and hair mask will help you to eliminate individual scalp skin problem. This will considerably improve tricopigmentation procedure effectiveness, will enrich precision, evenness and result stability.
Service Description Cost
Base preparation measures for the tricopigmentation procedure Haircut + special scalp skin care (deep cleansing and treatment, mask, washing withJ.F.Lazartigue products) 50 € (1 hour)
Scalp skin and hair diagnostics with the J.F.Lazartiguesystem Computer diagnostics with the use of magnifying camera and the development of treatment program1 14 € (30 min.)
Scalp skin deep cleansing and treatment withJ.F.Lazartigueproducts Oily and/or irritated scalp skin deep and thorough cleansing procedure on the base ofPropolis Jelly2 or Massage Gel3 (from dandruff). 12 € (15 min.)
J.F.Lazartigue mask Mask with Shea butter, soy milk or hydrating mask 17 € (30 min.)
  1. Our partners, specialists from the Liora Beauty Institute, perform the scalp skin diagnostics with the help of professional J.F.Lazartigue system. This is a special diagnostic device, which allows to determine any existing problem and to find appropriate products for its effective elimination, by developing an individual scalp skin and hair treatment and care program. Due to the effectiveness of the camera, which magnifies the object 70 – 140 times, device allows to diagnose the state of the scalp skin and hair, including the state of the hair bulb. Electronic card is created for every client and includes all information and photos, in order to be able to compare the results after the treatment and care procedures.
  1. Propolis Jelly cleansing. Propolis possesses calming and healing qualities, and its 10% saturation in the product composition guarantees elimination of skin irritation processes, microcirculation improvement and additional oxygen flow to the hair roots. At the same time, it helps to get rid of microorganisms, which contribute to excessive skin oil secretion and dandruff formation. Propolis Jelly is applied to the scalp skin and gently massaged in directly before the hair washing, and after 5 minutes it eliminates excessive oil, dead scalp skin cells, disinfects and prevents irritation and itching (frequent dandruff messengers)
  1. Massage Gel cleansing. Massage gel procedure ensures calming, healing and antibacterial impact on scalp skin, facilitates treatment process and ensures cooling effect during the whole day, due to the presence of menthol in its composition. Softening and therapeutic complex eliminates imbalance, glycerin and other moisturizers, cleansing and exfoliating massage gel agents provide valuable treatment and favorable sustainable effect on the skin by eliminating dandruff and increasing the activity of other treatment products, and giving the feeling of freshness and lightness.