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Reasons to do tricopigmentation

What hair imitation micropigmentation (tricopigmentation) is?

During the process of pigmentation dye with micro dots is implanted into the top layer of skin using a special equipment. Each dot repeats individual shaved hair follicle (hair shaved effect), all of which creates the illusion of uniform shaved head. This technology can also create the effect of density  at the place of hair thinning (the effect of density).

Reasons for performing tricopigmentation procedure:
  1. Men hair loss – “classic” androgenetic alopecia during its initial stages (for the creation of volume effect in thin areas).
  2. Men hair loss – “classic” androgenetic alopecia during its subsequent stages (for the creation of trimmed hair without any “bald spots”).
  3. Men and women diffuse hair loss – even (sometimes temporary) hair loss as an illness or external factor influence result (for example chemotherapy). hair loss, hair micropigmentation, hair tattoo, scalp pigmentation, tricopigmentation, hair imitation, hair density, shaved effect
  4. Total alopecia (alopecia totalis) – complete scalp hair loss as a result of an autoimmune disease. It is possible to create additionally an effect of a clean shaved face (beard and moustache), realistic eyebrows and eyelash enhancement.
  5. Local alopecia (alopecia areata) – partial scalp hair loss
  6. After a long-lasting wig wearing.
  7. After the hair transplantation procedure, in order to create an additional volume effect in the areas of transplanted hair (long or short).
  8. Before the hair transplantation procedure, in order to create a hairline pattern and visually fill in the area during the transplanted hair “healing” period.
  9. Scar camouflage (post-traumatic, post-operational, after the hair transplantation procedure).
  10. For creation of additional volume in the beard or moustache growth areas.