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How much time does the procedure take?

The procedure can take from one till five hours during one session, depending on the size of the tretaed area. This is a very meticulous and jewellery work, when the area with the hair loss is being filled in with microdots in a specified manner. During the first procedure, a new hair line pattern is created, and the main filling in takes place. The next day, the specialist carries out a similar procedure, in order to maximally achieve even color saturation.
After amonth, one or two correction procedures are performed, in order to fixate the final result or to reach a better color saturation.
In total, for the best final result achievement, three or four sessions are needed. All of them are included in the total procedurecost.

How soon can I make the procedure?

Before the procedure, it is necessary to have a consultation with the specialist. After the consultation, you can decide upon the date of the procedure. However, it is possible to attend the consultation without the intention of making the appointment for the treatment right away. Remember, that consulting the specialist does not mean that you have to do the procedure obligatory. It just helps you to receive answers, but we do not persist on carrying out the tretment immeditely, on the contrary, you have think about all the pros and cons and make an independent and deliberated decision.

Is the procedure painful?
It is not possible to give an univocal answer, as painfulfeelings are quite individual. The pain threshold can change even for one and the same person during the different periods of time. However, a qualified specialist will always try to reduce pailnful feelings to the minimum, maintaining anaesthesia during the time of the procedure. Basically, during the treatment our clients do not experience any pain, and only sometimes unpleasant, but bearable feelings might appear. In case you would like to have an extra “insurance”, you can take a painkiller pill (Ibuprofen, Paracetamol). After the procedure and during the healing process, painful feelings do not appear.

How safe (sterile) is the procedure?
In the majority of the European countries micropigmentation procedure is equated with serious medical operations and treatments, which means that in order to perform the procedure correctly it is necessary to follow strict laws of sanitation and hygiene.
  • Used needles are sterile and packed in special disposable containers.
  • All objects, which the specialist touches during the procedure, are covered with disposable film (table, lamp, chair, the surface of the equipment). Only these measures will help to observe the rule of the “disposable” surface.
  • Mandatory use of the special protection means by the specialist (gloves, mask).
  • After the procedure, the specialist disposes the used needles to the special container.
  • Specialist who performs the procedure possesses a health and hygiene certificate.
Which colour am I able to choose?
Pigment colour will be always selected according to your natural appearance. The specialist will perform a colour analysis and determine your appearance type and intensity level. Preference is given to colours, which are close to natural ones. However, in case your natural hair colour is very light, grey or red, the performance of the standard trichopigmentation procedure is senseless, as light or red dots on you scalp skin will not be visible enough, and will not provide the satisfactory visual effect.

How long do the results of the procedure last?

The final results of the procedure are relatively temporary. This means that the pigment will gradually fade during the following years. It is not possible to predict minimal or maximal time of the results lasting, as it strongly depends on the variety of different individual factors (skin type, way of life, sport, sun, etc.). Our clients, who have already made the primary procedure and want to keep the result in the primordial way during the next few years, are offered the “renovation” procedures for a special price, calculated based on the time needed for the procedure (150 euro / per hour). The average length of the renovation procedure is 1-1, 5 hours.

Why is it not possible to make the procedure once and for all?

Trichopigmentation offers a temporary solution for the problem of hair loss, which means that the client will always have the possibilty of choice. Temporary solution has a whole range of advantages:
  1. Possibility to change the pattern of the hair line in the course of time
  2. Possibility to change style or refuse trichopigmentation, without any negative consequences (it will disappear gradually, without the forced laser removal procedures)
  3. Special trichopigmentation dye disappears earlier than the pigment starts changing its colour. At the same time, tattoo (permanent) pigments definitely degrade in colour, due to the influence of the external factors.
  4. You do not have to “draw” additional dots, in case your problem of the hair loss continues. Keep in mind that your financial preferences and possibilities might change.
  5. In case of the strong hair graying, trichopigmentation stops being the effective visual solution.

How often do I have to cut my hair after the trichopigmentation procedure?

If you choose the treatment with the effect of the shaved hair, in order to maximally increase the results of the trichopigmentation procedure, we recommend cutting your hair with the hair machine each 5-7 days. This will allow pigmented zones to look maximally natural and discreet, also, if you do it yourself, you will save a lot of money on hairdressing services.

How much does the procedure cost?

Procedure’s cost depends on the extent of the treated surface, and is determined based on the hair loss level according to the Norwood-Hamilton scale. For example, the full trichopigmentation procedure (3 sessions)for the hair loss level of 3 – 4 will cost 800 euro. We remind that we offer special prices for those clients, who would agree to share their story in public with other potential clients (photo and video).