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Lazer removal

Laser removal of permanent makeup is the impact of laser pulses on the under skin pigment. "Laser strike" provokes local temperature increasement and the pigment is destroyed. Then its decay products removed from the body by lymphatic system. Similarly, the laser operates at tattoos removal.
If you have a tattoo or permanent makeup which you do not like, and you want to get rid of it - "Center of professional micropigmentation" will help you.

Special laser system Nd: YAG Q-Swithed Laser (neodymium laser)
is used to remove low-quality permanent and tattoos. This laser allows quickly and efficiently remove dye from skin. Leaves no scars!

The laser has the following indications:
  •     Tattoos of different colors and the depth depigmentation
  •     Partial or complete removal of the pattern of permanent make-up, including anatomically difficult areas: eyelids, eyebrows, lips
  •     Correction of permanent makeup and tattoos
  •     Impregnation of the skin pigment particles as a result of injury or traumatic tattoos
  •     Red eyebrows correction (more details find here)
Consultation (explanations, trial impulses) 20 Eur
Tattoos (depends on size) 15 Eur/cm2
 Price is shown for one treatment. For full pigmentation removal you may need several treatments with month and half break.

Before and After pictures look HERE