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Micropigmentation for men

Today we can see more often different commercials, which are oriented on to men. Now men pay more attention for their appearance. Manicure, pedicure, beautician, special SPA programs and massage- these are services which list of necessary services for the modern and dynamic men contains. Oriented on to men service must be fast, effective and suitable. Micropigmentation is also in it.

If we speak about permanent make up for men, better not to use word “make up”. In usual life man doesn’t ware make up. But let’s remember that there is special TV make up which is not visible, but can make man’s face more expressive. Micropigmentation has the same aim. We can make eyes more expressive, eyebrows more accurate, add to lips more volume. Natural tones of colours and transparent soft lines are used.
Paramedical camouflage treatments also can be very actual: vitiligo correction, scars on face and head.
Consultation (test on allergy, preliminary design)    20 Eur
Eyebrows (particular/full reconstruction)   160/300 Eur
Eyes (interciliary space)    150 Eur
Lips (highlighting over an upper lip, blackout under a lip
for a volume)
   140 Eur
One zone correction (in a month)    50 Eur
Refinement (to 18 months)
  100/150 Eur
In case when several treatments are made (discount)    15 %

Before After pictures look HERE